Coaching Program

The Financing Coach - Coaching & Mentor Program

We believe the The Financing Coach Funding System is self-explanatory and has all the information and financing techniques anyone would need to finance their entrepreneurial business. You might be asking then, why do I need an advisor or coach if all the information is already in my Program?

I appreciate so much what the experts at The Financing Coach do to move entrepreneurs through the process of readying their business for financing and educating them on what their options are according to their type of business.

T. Sullivan -
Director of Local Entrepreneur Incubator

The answer is simple. Although The TFC Funding System has all the information you need to raise the financing required to grow your business, working with a coach or mentor that has experience in both financing and building a business is extremely helpful and will help improve your chances of funding.

The TFC Funding System comes with a complete set of tools to help you finance your business, if you discipline yourself and apply the tips & techniques offered, you will not likely to need any other services or products to accomplish your mission of funding your business. Some CEOs will want extra help and will tap into the experience and expertise that comes with hiring a coach and mentor. Even the best of athletes hire coaches to strengthen and refine their performance. There are so many parts to financing a business, and entrepreneurs, by nature, can develop tunnel vision and become lost and disoriented in the process. It helps to have a coach or mentor with an objective eye that can help guide you and keep you on track.

This is why The TFC Funding System has assembled an extremely experienced team of certified capital advisors to coach and mentor our clients, providing them with years of entrepreneurial and fundraising experience. Our coaches and mentors are just a phone call away.

The best professional athletes surround themselves with experts such as trainers, nutritionists, batting coaches, shooting coaches, and others to help them refine their skills and achieve success. Although these athletes are talented, they realize surrounding themselves with experienced coaches and trainers enables them to acquire expertise more quickly than by learning via trial and error. Our Financing Coach Program comes with two hours of coaching. But for those who want more intensive help, we have developed a comprehensive coaching and consulting program.

The TFC Funding System has recruited an experienced team of certified capital advisors. We refer to these people as Coaches and Mentors because that is their job - to coach and mentor each client, and offer our clients the best chance of success.. Our Coaches and Mentors are here to help any client who feels they need assistance implementing any or all of the steps in the The TFC Funding System Program.

Who are these Coaches and Mentors? They are successful business people who have reached the stage in life and in their careers where they want to give back some of what they have learned about financing and successfully building a businesses. All our Coaches and Mentors have extensive experience financing entrepreneurial companies. They are Certified Start-Up Capital Coaches with decades of experience in working with entrepreneurs, or have completed a rigorous training course designed by our resident industry experts to become certified as a Financing Coach and provide our clients with the hanks one assistance they need to enhance their chances of success.

Should you choose to extend the financing program by hiring one of our certified coaches, your relationship with your Coach and Mentor will be very informative, educational and helpful to you in financing your business. Our coaches know what it takes to finance the growth of a business. They are generalists, adept at raising capital for any sort of business in any type of industry. No matter what your business is, our coaches will be able to show you step by step, what you have to do to raise the money you need.

What does a Certified Start-Up Capital Coach actually do?

Basically, a Certified Coach can be your mentor and advisor during the whole process of financing your business. The TFC Funding System contains all the necessary tools to secure financing, but there are numerous pitfalls that can occur that can hurt your chances of or can significantly delay financing. Our coaching and mentoring program can help you acquire years of financing expertise and help you improve your chances for success as well as reduce the time it takes to complete the The TFC Funding System Program.

You will be working with people who have used this same Financing System to fund their own businesses and/or other businesses. In reality, each advisor is your personal coach, mentoring and guiding you to success.

What does a Certified Start-Up Capital Coach not do?

The experts that are part of The Financing Coach team were the only one that really helped us with our business model and our funding strategy that lead to investors participating.

R. Lackey -
President and Founder of Technology Leads and Social Interactive Company

Certified Coaches are advisors, personal mentors, consultants and guides. They are not finders, finance intermediaries, venture capitalists, or angels. They will help you fine tune your financing strategy and ensure that your business or financing plan is written to attract the type of financing that has been determined to best meet your stage and growth strategy. (Note: If you want us to write your business plan and build your financials, we so have a separate program for this service).

What our Certified Coaches will do is help you use all the Tools in your Financing Coach Program effectively. You can use your advisor as your personal coach and mentor, for some or all of the steps in our Financing System. The choice is up to you as to how much, or how often you need or want to use your coach, once your initial program is completed.

Think of your coach as someone who works with your talents and skills and helps refine them to achieve success. It is the same as in sports; the coach's job is to continually make the athlete a better and more effective and successful player. Raising capital is a competitive game, just like sports, with winners and losers. We all know that your objective is to secure the proper financing, to grow your business with sufficient capital to succeed. Your coach will help you succeed at that goal and work with you to make you a better, more effective and successful fund raiser and improve your chances of becoming a winner.

How do I use my Free Coaching Session?

Each new student of THFTHing System is entitled to two one hour coaching sessions. You will automatically be contacted by your coach a few days after you purchase to schedule a time for your free session.

Under our Coaching and Mentoring program we also offer an array of services and products that can help you improve your chances of securing funding. Your coach will describe all those products and services that are available to you.

How much time will my coach give me?

Your free coaching session usually lasts about an hour. Beyond that, your coaches will give you as much time as you need on a paid basis. We have flexible plans that allow you to pay for as much or as little extra coaching as you need. Our advisors can be contacted by e-mail, or phone, anytime during business hours, to answer any questions, or help you with any needs, or requests. They are not available 24/7, but will usually accommodate your priorities and get back to you as soon as possible if you leave a message.

What will these extra products and services cost me?

Since these products and services are only available to users of our The TFC Funding System, you must have purchased The TFC Funding System Program to learn about these products and services. We can tell you that all our products and services are extremely affordable and comprehensive. We offer business plan services, corporate GOTO market strategy, LAUNCHfn's "Access to Capital System", seed stage financing program, investor presentation preparation, and coaching and mentoring program that can purchased on a month to month basis and there is no obligation to continue beyond month one.

What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?

A consultant does a lot of the work for you. A coach helps you develop the skills to do the work yourself. Our goal is to work with you step by step, to show you what to do and guide you to accomplish what you need to do, to successfully raise the capital you require to build your business.

If you don't have a written business and financing plan and are looking for someone to write the business plan and create the financials for you, we have a business plan program for you.

We also have other consulting services available. Again, all our services will be explained to you in detail, once you purchase the The TFC Funding System Program.