Financing Program

The Secret to Financing any Entrepreneurial Business, No Matter What Your Circumstances

Like most startup companies, we really struggled with making the investment in hiring an advisory team. Working with experts like those made available through The Financing Coach Funding System is best thing we could have done. Although we are still working to get capital directly from their network, they provided us with multiple opportunities to present to and meet directly with angel investors.

C. Cress -
Founder of an Online Web and Recreation Community

Here is the good news. Let us assure you. No matter what type of business you have, no matter what industry you are in, no matter what stage of development you are at and no matter what businesses financial circumstances you are in, you are financeable! You only lack some knowledge and skills that we will teach you in this program. Where is it written that every entrepreneur should be an experienced financier? Just like everything else you have learned on the way to building your business, funding your business with enough capital to make it grow and flourish is a skill you can learn.

We want you to have the attitude of a "can do" philosophy that says there is always a way to finance any business. You might have to change the way you view the financing world and start to thinking much more creatively then plain vanilla bank or government financing. Those aren't your only two choices. You have literally hundreds of ways to finance your business without using your home as collateral. Even if you have bad credit, there are still hundreds of ways to finance your business. Now you won't find the methods and techniques in our Financing Program in any textbook. We have yet to see a textbook on finance that offers innovative ways for main street business to fund their growth. They all talk about traditional bank loans or government financing, credit cards. Forget all that. It is time to be untraditional.

Michael Phelps was asked what he did to get his eight gold medals in Beijing. He answered matter of factually:" I used my imagination". That is what you are going to learn from this program, how to use your imagination to finance any business, no matter what the circumstances.

You don't have to waste an inordinate amount of time trying to find sources of external funding which obviously takes away from the time you should really be out there searching for more customers. So, one of the advantages of learning these financing techniques is that you can spend more time running your business.

Now to understand how to finance your business with the techniques you will learn in the program, we want you to focus on these characteristics in your personality. We know you have them because you're an entrepreneur. Here is a list of characteristics you need to have to be an effective financier of your own business:

You need to be:

  • open minded
  • creative
  • motivated
  • decisive
  • perceptive
  • daring
  • aggressive
  • and have the drive, courage, and resourcefulness to be able to improvise and adapt too any unanticipated problems and opportunities.

That might be a mouthful, but it is very true. You need determination which is the ability to turn the soft metal of ambition into the tempered steel of resolve. That goes for success in any business. If you can't walk the extra mile to get your business running smoothly, then you won't have the determination to work through all the trouble spots and make it succeed. What we am going to teach you is to draw from the large bank of ideas and knowledge that actually exists between your own ears. Maybe it can be said that the true measure of an entrepreneur is demonstrated by the ability to produce results with very little resources.

You also need to be opportunistic with a good listening ear. We want you to focus on short term cash not long term profits. We will teach you to be what we call an "Opportunistic Financier", business owners who play rapid-fire pinball rather than a strategic game of chess in finding capital for their business. Be open-minded, and willing to make quick decisions. You must have the ability to cope with setbacks and rejection.

Opportunistic financiers can't offer money back guarantees to customers, or long term employment contacts to employees, or collateral to banks. They must syndicate or transfer risks to others. They must undertake an extensive search for parties whose interests, values, and decision-making process predispose them to take a chance on an early stage company. They offer special deals to their first resource vendors to compensate these vendors for the risk of being the guinea pig. They frame the trade-offs usually through face-to-face selling persuasively, by accentuating the positive and down playing the risks others face.

Opportunistic financiers have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Entrepreneurs have to confront fluid, rapidly changing situations where they cannot anticipate the nature of the outcomes, let alone assess the probability of financial loss. They require exceptional self-control. They must be able to tolerate difficult customers with unreasonable demands and focus on winning orders rather than arguments. Opportunistic financiers focus on positive cash flow and profits, not just sales.

First of all don't spend a lot of time spinning your wheels with traditional lending sources and here is why. Banks are not a good source of capital even in good times, unless you already are a successful profitable business or have strong collateral that has lendable equity in it (business and/or personal) or hard assets to secure a loan. In today's recessional times, even equity in a home is no guarantee of a loan. Banks are just too scared to make small business loans.

How about venture capital? No matter what the media says, professional venture capital firms are out of the question. They are not interested in main street companies. Unless you can prove to a venture capitalist that their investment of $1M - $5 million is going to produce revenues in your business in five years of from $50 - $100 million, don't spend time looking there. Professional venture capitalists represent only a very tiny percentage of early stage capital and they really only invest in very high tech industries such as information technology and health care sectors which actually represent 92% of all professional venture capital! We will show you how to find an investor right in your own backyard who would love to invest in your business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs waste an incredible amount of time looking for financing in all the wrong places. They spend more time searching apple groves only to find that they can never get enough apples to make one pie.

The main point is to open your eyes to the many opportunities available for you to engage in alternative ways of thinking about money. Use these ideas we teach you to spark your creative thought process and get the money you need to properly capitalize your business. You must always maintain a can-do, don't-say-no attitude toward raising capital. Never ask, ''Is my company financeable?" Instead say, "I'll find a way to make it financeable!"

What are these Secrets to Financing any Entrepreneurial Business

Call them secrets if you will, since so few people know them. We am going to show you about solving financing problems that everyone else said could not be solved. The information and case histories we in The Financing Coach actually happened and are true.

The expertise and insight provided by the experts at The Financing Coach, we were able to make changes to our plan from the business plan review and we were able to successfully secure our private equity investment goal through introductions with various capital investors and angel groups. THANKS!

J. Thompson -
President of a Consumer Products Company

You're going to be exposed to what we call state-of-the-moment technology developed to finance the unfinanceables. You're going to learn how to do it without credit, collateral, or even cash. And just about every one of these techniques discussed are being used by savvy entrepreneurs, some who have taken our self study courses. The techniques are simple, realistic, and logical. Some involve no capital needed whatsoever. Many of them are non-cash solutions to financial problems. These innovative solutions will help you learn how to think about solving any financing problem in your business. You will develop the mind-set of a successful entrepreneur. You will learn how to think creatively about your own financing problems, to find the perfect solution to your situation. Hopefully as you absorb all the material in the Financing Coach, you will have thought of several solutions and will be itching to try them.

You will learn to focus on some things you can do internally without outside capital to finance the growth of your business. We call it the ART OF LEARNING TO DO MORE WITH LESS. Learn the mind-set of bootstrap management where all resources are scarce and where cash must be cherished.

For example , we believe you should always under spend on rent, equipment and apply cash where it will do the most good like marketing, sales, promotion and good management. A recent study by the MBA students at a business school found that the most successful businesses had the lowest rent and capital equipment costs and 92% of the businesses examined could have started on an appreciably lower scale with little effect on revenues and a healthy jump in profits. To accomplish this mind-set you have to learn how to think "Outside the Box".

Outside the Box Financing

"Outside the Box" is an expression that describes non-conforming, creative thinking. Thinking outside the box is to think differently, unconventionally, from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel, creative and smart thinking. We believe when it comes to business, it is a state of mind. A way to doing things that make sense and just so much more cost effective than the conventional way.

You don't have to be Albert Einstein to do it, and by the way, here is what he said about the subject "Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which the problems were created". Not everybody can do it. Most of us are stuck in what we call " Left Brain Thinking" where we logically look at situations and only get black or white answers. To think "Outside the Box" you must use your right brain where problems are solved as white, black and grey. It is the grey that we are after it is the "what if we did this and that" thinking you need to use to increase your creative thinking to solve problems. When you are having a hard time finding a way to finance your business and it seems like an insurmountable problem, clear your mind and say "there is always another way". Conventional wisdom doesn't apply. You need to do something unique and unconventional.

Keep in mind, for every financing problem, there are usually many solutions. We have put just about all these inventive and imaginary solutions into our creative self study course Called the Financing Coach.

Using our program you will find that financing problems are not problems, they are opportunities. For two years Bruce Blechman had a radio show on Business Radio Network where people called in and he had to explain to the caller how to finance their business over the air live within a few minutes. Over the two years he never had a caller he couldn't come up with an "Outside the Box Solution" And the reason is that their problem usually was their solution. Like the guy who said, "my problem is that I can't afford to pay the manufacturer to produce my product" and Bruce said cut your manufacture into the deal or find one that you can work with who will front the money to get you going. There are all kinds of ways of doing this. After all, if your product takes off, the manufacture is going to make good money. So you could offer the manufacture the following if the manufacture finances your first run.

  1. Give the Manufacture first rights on your receivables
  2. Partner with your manufacturer
  3. Give Manufacturer rights to product until he is paid off from first order
  4. Give manufacturer a royalty on your product until a certain time or return is achieved.

In reality you don't finance a business, you finance its assets. So the object is to exploit each asset for its maximum borrowing power. Always ask yourself , "what is the best way to finance each asset with the fewest up-front dollars?" Look for the various ways to use the credit potential of each asset in your business. Do you see the point here.

Let's look at this another way. Let's say you already have bought the asset, let's say it is equipment. We will show you how you could lease that equipment at night to other business, or share it or even sell it and lease it back. We will show you all kinds of ways to get money out of each asset you own. Need more equipment, rent it, buy it used, and share it with other businesses.

Let's look at inventory, Use inventory for improving your cash flow. Keep more inventory in your supplier's hands, not yours. Order in economical quantities. Schedule production to minimize floor inventory. This is called just-in-time inventory purchasing: you schedule your purchases to arrive just when you need them. Tailor payments for raw material to coincide with revenues.

You start to get the point that there is a way to save money on every asset that increases cash flow and even to get money out of every asset you own to increase cash flow. All this we call internal ways to generate cash flow in your business. And we can show you how to do all this while increasing your return on the investment in each assets which in turn will dramatically increase your net profit.

Now some people think that outside the box means conniving, begging, borrowing, hustling, manipulating and being a wheeler-dealer, but it isn't that. It is a game plan, a strategy, it is the smart way to get something done. It won't come easy, and it does require hard work, sleepless nights, and persistence and commitment to make it happen. Sure you need to be willing to talk to people and ask for a deal, but you are always giving something in return.

Other people have done it and succeeded, why not learn from their experiences. Why re-invent the wheel? Let us show you those experiences and how to achieve your financing goals while keeping your integrity.

Now after exploring some ways to finance your business without going for outside capital, we will then turn to all the ways to find outside capital for your business without going to a bank.

We will even show you how to attract an individual investor who lives near your business to invest in your company without giving up any equity in your business.. And guess what. That investor will love your strategy of investing and will be more than willing to invest without getting any ownership or control in your business.

Now we are talking about a investor not a partner with money. we know you are thinking that's the last thing you want is a partner. Not only will we show you how to bring in a local investor without making that person a partner, but we will also show you how you can repay that investor back with completely tax deductible payments. Here is the best part, we will show you not only how to get one investor but many depending on how much money you need to raise.

Speaking of raising money, The Financing Coach will not only show you how to find, attract, and negotiate with a local investor or investors but we will show you ways to raise some really big money like 1M to 5 million for your business using some very innovative fund raising techniques used by investment bankers for really big deals that can be used by main street businesses for their small deals.

In the program we will show you a way to find and present your business to what we call very accessible angel investors who work as a group. This is a untapped source of money for main street business that know little or anything about how angle groups work or how to find who they are. Included in your program is a list of every angel group in North America. You will learn how to approach them and negotiate a good funding deal.

All this and much much more is covered in our Financing Coach Program.