Start-Up Financing

Every once in awhile, a company develops and brings to the marketplace an innovative solution that is ground breaking and disruptive and changes the way business is conducted. This is what is happening right now in the field of start-up business financing. Welcome to The Start-Up Capital Coaching Program. The most advanced, yet simple and usable system ever offered to the public for financing start-up entrepreneurial businesses.

What is the Start-Up Capital Coaching Program?

Start-Up Capital has spent years chronicling and analyzing the techniques successful entrepreneurs used to finance their start-up businesses, and documented critical milestones and processes that significantly improved an entrepreneur's ability to secure funding. The result of this research is a completely developed and proven system for securing financing in stages which correlate to predictable milestones and stages each company historically follows as they go from concept to launch and from a young start-up to a mature organization.

What is the Start-Up Capital ToolKit?

The Start-Up Capital ToolKit is a step-by step financing strategy that funds the start-up from concept to prototype, to proof of concept, to launch of the business that anyone can use and be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years. And you do it without using your own cash, collateral, credit, or personal contacts.

Each ToolKit comes with personal one-one-coaching and also comes with one of the largest databases of entrepreneurial start-up financing sources ever compiled.

Why is it so Affordable?

Start-Up Capital's ability to deliver an effective solution at an affordable price is based on having systematized the entire process. Initial orders are for products that are automatically delivered via the Internet. Consulting services are the next level of service, and are delivered via telephone by our experts trained in our funding program and located around the country. Other services, such as business plans, presentations, and analysis of projects are handled by our experts as well.

The opportunity is clear. Hundreds of thousands of new entrepreneurs enter the marketplace as start-ups every year, and many go out of business every year as well due to lack of capital. There is a continuous flow of new potential prospects coming into the marketplace. With an infrastructure that efficiently delivers the education and services that a young company needs to succeed, and the capital sources for that company to contact, Start-Up Capital will rapidly become a leader within the marketplace.

Benefits to Purchasing the Start-up Capital Coaching Program:

  • Move your idea from concept to capital

    Been thinking about your business idea for awhile and not quite sure what to do with it? We will help you transform the idea to reality.

  • Step-by-step roadmap to financing your start-up

    Don't worry if you don't have experience starting a business, We provide step-by-step instructions for starting and funding your business.

  • Build your business while raising capital

    Too many times investors make the mistake of waiting for capital before starting their business. We will show you how to bootstrap your business while seeking the funding necessary to grow it.

  • Reduce investor risk

    Start-ups that get funded are the ones that can show the most opportunity with the least risk. We will show you how to minimize investor risk while demonstrating significant opportunity.

  • Capture investors imaginations

    Investment in a start-up is an emotional decision, not a logical one. If it was based on logic, start-ups would not be funded. In fact, greed and fear of missing out on the next great opportunity are two main reasons investors invest. We will help you appeal to these two main investor triggers.

  • Standout from the crowd

    There are a lot of great ideas and entrepreneurs seeking investor capital. We will help you create a living business plan that goes beyond just a normal business plan allowing the investor to see, touch, taste, and smell your idea. Creating a living business plan will put you miles ahead of your competition.

  • Structuring a Deal

    So you have captured the attention of an investor. Now what? You can either let the investor take control of the deal and tell you what he wants (which will often kill the deal immediately) OR you can take the initiative and maintain control by structuring a proposal yourself.

    We will provide you with the framework for structuring an investment proposal that is in the best interest of both you and your investor. The Start-up Funder will show you how to structure a deal that will allow you, the entrepreneur, to raise capital without having to negotiate company value or giving up equity in the company.

  • Closing a Deal

    Discussions about company value and/or equity at such an early stage in development are often instant deal killers. We will show you how to negotiate and close a deal without having to discuss either one.

Main Benefits of Start-Up Capital Coaching Program:

  • You will have a prototype of your product or service We will take you from your concept of your new business and help you create and fund a real prototype of your product or service so that your investor can see, touch, feel and understand exactly what you will be selling to your customers
  • You will have proved your business concept - We will take your prototype and help you create and fund your proof of concept by going out into the marketplace and getting real sales or proof of the marketability of your product or service.
  • You will have a professional presentation of your business to show to investors We will help you create what we call a living business plan that includes your business plan and financing projections and package all that information in a way to interest investors in your new business opportunity
  • You will have a strategy to close the sale with your investors by reducing their risk in your business We will introduce you to an amazing innovative financing strategy that can accomplish this for your investors:

    1. Reduces their risk of loss
    2. Eliminates their wait to get their money back
    3. Increases their return on their investment.

    And can accomplish this for you:

    1. Does away with your personal liability.
    2. Does not dilute your business ownership.
    3. Makes all payments to investors completely tax-deductible.
    4. Requires neither collateral, nor liens on any of your assets.
    5. Improves your business's credit.
    6. Does not require an expensive, time-consuming valuation by you or your investor.

Main Features of the Start-Up Capital Coaching Program - What You Get

  • A concept to capital step-by-step "Financing System"
    The Program was created to take the entrepreneur from the idea/concept all the way to the funding and launching of their new business. If you follow the steps in our "Financing System" anyone can find the capital necessary to launch their business.
  • A "Living Business Plan" that attracts investors
    The Program has created the concept of a "Living Business Plan." A "Living Business Plan" goes well beyond a regular business plan allowing you to stimulate your investor's imagination by letting them actual see, touch, taste, and smell your idea. This "living" approach puts you miles ahead of your competition and significantly increasing your chances of securing funding.
  • A realistic "Financial Model" that shows how you make money
    The financial model is your reality check. If done properly it will let you know the financial feasibility of your business model and force you to make adjustments to your business strategy to make it more appealing to investors. The financial model will show you and your investors just how much time it will take and capital you will need to cover your fixed and variable costs to make a profit.
  • A database of financing sources to contact
    At a click of your mouse, you will have a wealth of resources to help you launch your business. The Program will provide you with databases and sources of capital in your own State, surrounding States and in your own city. You will learn who to go to and where to find investors for your prototype and proof of concept. You will be directed to all kinds of non-profit organizations and incubators that provide capital and help for start-ups. Included in your database is every type of angel group and organization that funds start-up companies in North America. The Program will not only provide you with a list of these local sources, but also teach you how to leverage and engage these resources to succeed.
  • A financing strategy to reduce investor's risk
    You will learn tactics and strategies that actual reduces investors risk, eliminates their wait to get their money back and increases their return on investment. This financing strategy puts you way ahead of other entrepreneurs who don't know about it or how to use it. It's your secret weapon to cash.
  • A personal coach to guide you through the program
    Included in The Start-Up Capital Coaching Program is coaching sessions by one of our Start-Up Capital Experts. You can use these coaching sessions at any time in the program. Your Coach will not only be an invaluable source of feedback on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, but also your coach is available to help you implement every aspect of our financing program.